The A-1 Array By Super A-OK

The What Now?

The A-1 Array is a multi-camera system that captures single moments in time and creates three-dimensional animations for instant sharing.

  • like this

  • this

  • this

  • and this

  • and this

  • and even this

It Looks Like This

  • Simple yet beautiful design impresses people
  • Flexible lighting setups to fit your scene
  • Instant social sharing and event display options
  • Built to travel and designed to set up anywhere
  • Ready to start capturing in 10 minutes or less

And Makes You Look Cool

The A-1 Array can push to a variety of social media platforms or send directly to a user.

We Bring the Party To You

A well-dressed (and well-trained) technician will set up and break down the equipment, provide direction to optimize participation, and ensure smooth operation throughout your event.

And Let You Take the Party Home

Captures are made available on a customized, event-specific website hosted by Super A-OK.

The A-1 Array By Super A-OK

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